Coordinated Lifetime Strategies


Our Process
We set up an initial meeting at no charge to get to know you, as a potential new client. We want to understand who you are and what you need. Together we assess whether our approach is a good fit for your needs.

We will help you define your goals, organize your financial assets, and formulate a systematic strategy to manage them. We incorporate risk tolerance technology, asset allocation design, and asset monitoring tailored to each unique situation. We coordinate employer retirement account choices with other investments to build a diversified portfolio.

We include ongoing planning work as part of investment monitoring fees, with no additional charge.

  • We prepare and update retirement planning projections.
  • We work with our clients and their attorneys on estate planning issues.
  • We review and discuss insurance needs and coordinate risk management services with insurance agents.
  • We address cash flow and budgeting issues and planning for college costs for clients who have those needs.
  • We consider tax planning in all financial and investment plans.

We meet with you quarterly, or as needed, to review portfolio performance, discuss current issues, and re-assess goals and plans. We are available throughout the year to answer your questions and to help with financial decisions.

Additionally, we schedule financial planning reviews with clients on a rotating basis through various areas of financial planning. Clients can also initiate financial planning reviews with us if they have changes in their personal circumstances or concerns.

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