Coordinated Lifetime Strategies


Our Investment Philosophy
Our approach is based on the financial science of the capital markets rather than speculation and market timing. We primarily use Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) mutual funds ( We build broadly diversified portfolios from the worldwide fixed-income and equity markets. These portfolios are rebalanced systematically.

An Investment Policy Statement is completed with each client, outlining the investment philosophy, management procedures, and long-term goals for the investor.

Portfolio design is tailored to each client’s risk tolerance and preferences.

Our goal is to capture the returns that the markets have to offer. We do not try to outguess the markets. We believe that prices for public securities are fair. We do not attempt to predict the future.

All investments involve risk of loss that clients should be prepared to bear. We offer investment education to all of our clients to help them understand the risks and rewards of investing.

We recommend "no-load" funds, generally low-cost index or asset class funds. We receive no commissions or other compensation from the custodian or from mutual funds. We are compensated only by our clients.

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